Handcrafted Love from Protsahan School!

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Uncategorized


Next time, you are looking for handmade cloth pouches, soft toys, candles, diyas, souveniors to gift your loved ones, will you remember us? Every pouch made by a Protsahan woman and a young adolescent girl, symbolises Empathy, Creativity & Sustainability & Entrepreneurship; the 3 core values of Protsahan.

We’d love to handcraft some love for you!

Here are some of the products with their price ranges. (Delivery: Within India only)


Pouches/ Sling Bags : Price /Unit: INR 120 – INR 250


Handpainted Candles: Price /Unit: INR 150- INR 260

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Corporate/Event Souvenirs : : Price /Unit: INR 250 & above.

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Papier Mache Products : : Price /Unit: INR 300 & above.


Madhubani/Warli/Traditional Greeting Cards from Children’s Artworks: INR 25 + : Price /Unit


Handcrafted Notebooks: : Price /Unit: INR 150 +


Wall hangings/ charms : : Price /Unit: INR 80 +


Madhubani/ Warli Artwork crafted in Protsahan Art classes: : Price /Unit: INR 400 +

The products we sell provide us with a means to ensure the sustainability of our projects and initiatives for children. The sale of artwork made by our children in art classes also gives to them a sense of dignity in their work alongside helping us to give them solid education until class 12. They start to understand that things they can create have value and that their own abilities have a worth. Our items can be used for corporate gifting, bazaars and other events. A little gesture from you will go a long way in ensuring sustainability for our work for little girls and their mothers.

Please contact us at 9540781011 (from 10 AM to 7 PM) or info.protsahan@gmail.com for bulk order placement of our handcrafted products!




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