NGO Workshops

To reach scale in our projects, Protsahan constantly holds several creativity & innovation workshops using technology & design for social change. In the past many workshops on the following issues have been organized by our team with partner organisations:
Core Issues:
Child Sexual Abuse

Drug Abuse
Road Safety
Human Rights
Cyber Safety
Eve Teasing
Gender Equality
Employee Volunteerism
Menstrual Hygiene using cartoons
Child Marriage
Open Defecation
Toilets for All
Manual Scavenging & many more
Using techniques & tools of:
Robotics & Digital Storytelling
Origami, Jennigami and Kirigami
Cinema & Film making
Visual Poetry
Clay Modelling
Traditional Indian Art Forms
Madhubani & Warli
Digital Photography
Design & Art
Theater & Music
Art based Quizzes
The focus areas of our workshops while working with other NGOs involve developing customized Art based sessions on protecting children. Failing to protect children from issues such as violence in school, neighbourhood, child labour, commercial sexual exploitation, squanders the world’s most precious resource i.e. its children. We work closely with several grassroot NGOs & sponsored by CSRs in the remotest corners of India to take the innovative approaches of Art & Technology to fight violence against children in every form

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