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Toybank visits Protsahan at New Delhi! Wattay amazing Sunday!

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Protsahan children saw a wonderful Sunday, filled with games and some crazzy fun. When a little girl who has always stood on the street, undergoes a team building exercise, plays with her peers, and gets back home with her “own toy”, you know, world for that little one has entirely changed in somewhat way. On Sunday, May 15, 2011, Toybank volunteers visited Protsahan’s creative school for slum, street and special children in New Delhi’s Vikaspuri (near Uttam Nagar East). Mita and Jacob, Toybankers who were coordinating the event were ecstatic about pulling the happy moment for the kids through a summery sweltering Delhi afternoon. Pavan, Heeta, Anshakha, Angad, Jayant, Sumit all the Toybank volunteers forgot their age and corporate lives for a few hours, and played with the Protsahan children. Aspirations of the little ones, were wonderfully listened to, encouragement given at all levels, lovely folk & patriotic songs played sung by little 11 & 12 year olds.  It was fun and happiness all around. The little ones are going to remember this day for a long long time! 🙂


Be Inspired.

Volunteer. Share your story. Inspire Others.

Okay. So you study/work. That is something everyone does. What have you done to make a real difference? Educated a street child? Spent time with a lonely elderly? Found home to an abandoned pet? Ran a campaign in neighborhood to create awareness for global warming? Even if you’ve acted stupid, just to make an underprivileged smile, tell us. We respect every bit, of you bringing smiles. Thats what PROTSAHAN stands for. Happy Encouraged Youth, spreading their smiles to the lesser privileged.

Whatever your story, share it here. We’ll post our favourite inspirational story every month on the Home Page for everyone to see! The best story gets a Protsahan T-shirt and a pack of colorful Madhubani bookmarks and cards crafted at Protsahan.

Get Involved!

Volunteer with us.

  • If you are a photographer, click for us.
  • If you are a journalist/writer/blogger, write for us.
  • If you are a storyteller, come teach for us.
  • If you are a do gooder, help us arrange a stall in your organization’s premises, and help us raise funds.
  • If you are a tweepie, tweet for us.
  • If you are still thinking, of how to get associated, just write to us at ngo.protsahan@gmail.com with your background, and we’ll tell you how you can contribute!

Everyone goes to work. Everyone earns a buck. Time to do something, that makes you go ‘wow’ at yourself. Come, spread smiles with Protsahan’s team.

Our team of volunteers.

Shruthi from Norway is handling our social media. Anja from Germany volunteered as a storyteller at Protsahan. Gaurav from Mumbai is our techie expert. Manish from Singapore, Sharad from US, Stephen from Ireland, Archita from Chennai, Vernita from Delhi, Novella and Aneesh from Mumbai are our ever present brainstormers in the core team. All of them, just happened to stumble across Protsahan on the net..they got associated, and are bringing tremendous change in their own little ways. Yes, its that simple. Get connected.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart 🙂

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  1. Sushmita says:

    I had an opportunity to see Mother India’s reality sans her ghoonghat (the beautiful ghoonghat of GDP growth, ‘India Shining’ and richest people in Forbes list) by working with an NGO.
    I have been volunteering with Aham Bhumika, a NGO in Bhopal since last 2 months or so. I create campaigns for them and also help them out by writing some blog posts and handling social media.
    I must confess that NGOs or making a difference was very ‘uncool’ for me. I was a person who was obsessed with celebrities and fame 😉 After meeting the people from Aham Bhumika,I realized that the real heroes are not in the limelight!

    What made me take up this was the passion of the founder..He has a full time job and yet he is running this NGO! I have met so many people who have jobs and all they do is crib! But this man is running this NGO with so much passion even though he has a job..He was ready to take up a freelance job (along with his full-time job) to get more funds for the NGO! AMAZING PASSION! That day I had tears in my eyes and I decided that I want to be a part of this..
    I’m 22 and there are women in Bhopal who are of my age and they work as stone crushers!! I realized how lucky I am!
    It has been an amazing experience. For the first time in my life, I dedicated my time (and totally enjoyed it too) to something that is considered ‘uncool’ by people. I didn’t do this to bribe God for a seat in heaven or because of any stupid obligation or to write off my sins by doing good deeds..I did it because it was fascinating to be a part of a change..

    I heard somewhere that animals and humans have something called ‘Lizard Brain’..All it thinks about is survival, sex,having a stable life and it is selfish. But we humans have two extra layers..they are of creativity and compassion..This experience made me realize that I’m a human 🙂 I also learnt a very important lesson in my life. I was a person who used to look down on people who were not talented. But I learnt that talent is something that is given by God (logically, because of your genes) and having it is not in our hands! Aham Bhumika people cannot write like the great writers or look ‘sexy’ like Brad Pitt but they have courage and passion.

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